Ocean Port Realty Capital



OCEANPORT REALTY CAPITAL LLC raises and deploys equity in real estate to create value. Through selective deal sourcing, skilled acquisition, and diligent execution of a tailored business plan for each asset, Oceanport delivers results for our clients. We leverage the depth of our experienced partners, leaders, and broad industry network to identify & acquire great opportunities and then, through insightful enhancements to each asset, generate proven returns.


OCEANPORT partners with investors seeking favorable long-term returns through commercial real estate ownership. Our focus is predominantly on multifamily assets. Although our portfolio and pipeline are predominantly multifamily, we have the proven capabilities to engage in opportunities across all sectors and real estate asset classes.

Key business strategies:

  • – Create deal flow through our existing third-party managed portfolio, broad network of investors, brokers, and real estate professionals
  • – Leverage our vertically integrated team of real estate experts – construction, development, management & accounting – to capitalize on off-market and atypical investment opportunities.
  • – Take advantage of favorable financing terms and NOI enhancements to return capital and create long-term hold, cash flowing assets.
  • – Be poised to strike when dynamics shift, and distressed real estate/bank owned/note purchase opportunities present themselves.


  • – Location driven:  look for infill opportunities and underserved areas with pent up demand in select markets along the East coast (with specific focus areas of the Northeast and Florida).
  • – Opportunistic:  identify poor management and missed marketing opportunities as reliable components of our redevelopment strategies
  • – Asset management maximization:  refine net operating income and cash flow through management best practices, green improvements, tax incentives, recapitalization, and appropriate leverage.
  • – Create stability:  Through insightful and diligent strategies, we provide superior customer service and foster a sense of place and identity that ensures stability by increasing retention, generating new demand, and driving rents & valuations.


On a deal-by-deal basis, each opportunity will meet one of two general goals:

  • – Exceed and hold: Through astute acquisition and execution of targeted accretive strategies in an 18-36 month management plan, we will recapitalize and return a majority of equity to the investors with a targeted 10%+ annual average cash flow on equity investments with a residual 3x Equity Multiple on remaining dollars in the investment. The strength of location is a significant factor here.
  • – Plant and harvest:  Invest with a 36-month horizon to add value through identified criteria and return 100% of equity to investors targeting a minimum 17+% IRR and 2x Equity Multiple. Opportunistic locations and market dynamics would be important considerations here.

Balanced approach:  Through a diligent, long-term approach, matching each opportunity with the appropriate targeted outcome, we endeavor to create a portfolio producing favorable cash flow and periodic capital events coupled with new opportunities driving overall returns for our investors.


Oceanport is the Equity and Capital Investment arm of a vertically integrated real estate organization specializing in (2) core business lines:

  • – OCEANPORT REALTY CAPITAL LLC | Investments, Investment Management & Advisory Services
  • – TRIO PROPERTIES LLC | Property Management & Commercial Real Estate Consulting Services

Over fourteen+ years in a leasing, management, and advisory role, TRIO Properties LLC has aided our clients with a variety of assets & opportunities.  TRIO is a critically important part of the shared vision of both companies moving forward…  A comprehensive, vertically integrated multifamily organization.