Harbor Heights


The only thing more appealing than a fresh start is a fresh start near the ocean. The story here would evoke that feeling of being drawn to the sea, and the excitement around making the decision to MOVE TO SEA, to give in to the tidal pull and create a new life at Harbor Heights.


This is a story of contrasts. In the same way that the rustic natural graphic elements contrast the more modern, urban design elements, the language would also highlight how you can have the best of all worlds here. The appeal of the ocean (coastal life), the appeal of the land (farm stands), the feeling of being far away when in fact you are close to everything… the contrasts sum up your new life at Harbor Heights


Just like a sailor beginning his sea voyage, choosing to move to Harbor Heights is a departure of the best kind. The sea beckons, the design entices, the amenities are what you’ve dreamed of…this is the journey you’ve been waiting for.